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Tree of Hope Creations
Tree of Hope Creations
Hope Through Life's Journeys

We make specialized breastmilk hand carved creations and jewelry!

Our Precious Pieces

Our reason for creating these precious pieces is to help you customize special memories into a personalized piece to cherish for a lifetime.

How It Started

This all started when Cody gave Meg a creation for our youngest daughter's first birthday to celebrate making it to her goal of a year breastfeeding. Since she usually doesn't wear jewelry, he had to think out of the box. She loved it so much and shared with a few friends who suggested to open it up to others. We do this to help celebrate a huge accomplishment and bond with your child and we am so thankful to be able to provide these for others who will forever cherish them.

Our Mission And Our Hope For You

Here at Tree of Hope Creations our mission is to bring hope through life’s journeys by preserving your most sentimental treasures into cherished lifelong keepsakes. We understand how precious each and every single piece we create is and we put every ounce of love and care into sealing these memories into lifelong keepsakes.


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