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What Our Customers Say


I absolutely LOVE it!!! It was bigger than I imagined it to be. Megan was so nice and I received it in a little over 3 weeks so turn around time was pretty fast. I HIGHLY recommend!!!

— Mariah H.


I absolutely love love love how this turned out! I recommended it to over 1,000 mommas on my moms breastfeeding page. Hopefully when I have another little one you guys will still be in business

— Julie

Seriously, this review a looong time coming! I loved the product! Craftsmanship’s excellent! I had a hard time breast feeding for my first (and only) kiddo. I didn’t produce much and felt like a failure. I had freezed some milk when I went back to work. After 8 month, kiddo just wanted formula. I was devastated! So I used the breastmilk in the fridge for this item. Glad I did! Best gift to myself, EVER! it’s perfect and beautiful! Don’t hesitate!

— Ruthie

Lovely attention to detail in this piece! Initially, it was damaged by the post office, so the shop remade it very graciously. Thank you so much!

— Ashleigh

I am IN love! I have been so anxious to get this and I am so happy to have someone out there making such beautiful art! I can't wait to share this with everyone and send them your page!! All my fellow mamas. Thank you so much, you have no idea how much this means to me! You're awesome!!!!

— Shannon


Their breastmilk creations are absolutely stunning!

I don't know how many times I've messaged with my questions/comments, and Megan is the sweetest who always gets back to me so quickly! There was one small hiccup but they apologized for it and are all over it trying to make it right, which is so great!

I, 1,000% recommended them! I hope you fall in love with their creations as much as I have!''

— Ruby


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