Tree of Hope Creations

Hope Through Life's Journeys

We make specialized breastmilk hand carved creations and jewelry! Our reason for creating these pieces is to help moms and families customize those memories into a personalized piece, because you deserve it. They can be customized to your family, and a personalized stands is included with names, birthdays or special messages. This is a great way to commemorate your breastfeeding journey and/or celebrate someone who has done so! These pieces can also be made without milk. We are always working on new ideas and designs!

This all started when Cody gave Meg a creation for our youngest daughter's first birthday to celebrate making it to her goal of a year breastfeeding. Since she usually doesn't wear jewelry, he had to think out of the box. She loved it so much and shared with a few friends who suggested to open it up to others. We do this to help celebrate a huge accomplishment and bond with your child and we am so thankful to be able to provide these for others who will forever cherish them.

Our Story


When our first was born, Meg’s goal was to nurse her for a year. That didn’t happen because after 7 months our daughter fell below the first percentile in weight and the doctor wanted us to try formula. When our second was born Meg, again, set her goal to nurse for a year. Again, it didn’t happen because he developed a number of allergies (dairy, eggs, soy, carrots and green beans). It was hard for Meg to keep up with nursing and avoiding things that made him react. Then we had our third. Meg was once again wanting to reach her goal.


In 2019, our baby girl turned one and Meg finally reached that goal, even continuing on to 18 months!!!


Just prior to our baby’s birthday, Cody wanted to get Meg something for reaching her goal. She had put so much work and effort to reach this goal and he wanted to commemorate it. She isn’t really a jewelry person so breastmilk jewelry wasn’t really an option, but Cody liked the idea. That’s all he could really find, so he did some research and decided to make something himself. After she posted it on some mommy groups, a lot of people messaged her and she asked if we would be willing to make some for other people. We decided we wanted to help other people commemorate their journeys as well and Tree of Hope was born.


Meet The Team



The Boss

Most of the time, Meg is the one you are talking with.  She runs a tight ship and keeps everyone (by everyone, we mean Cody) on task.  She is involved in almost every aspect and is the dedicated mother who's goals set this journey into motion.



The Inventor and Creator

Cody is the muscles behind the creations. He is the one that does all the carving and detailing on the creations. He has the biggest heart and was the brains behind the piece. If you have any design ideas, he is ready to tackle them, so please feel free to ask.




Our life's best journey!  Our family is our greatest love and the best journey we could every go on.  They always keep us on our toes and like to try to distract us whenever we have work to do.