Keepsake Care Instructions

We create these special pieces for you to be able to cherish and have for an entire lifetime. To make sure that these pieces last and remain in great conditions we recommend that you take good care of them and follow the bellow care instructions.

Please Do:

  • Polish your jewelry/keepsake lightly with just a dry cloth

  • Run under water from time to time and dry with a cotton cloth to remove any trapped dirt

  • Remove your jewelry while washing your hands and/or bathing


    Display Keepsake and Wear Jewelry with love and pride!

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Please Do Not

  • Wear Jewelry while tanning (spray tanning or solarium)

  • Wear your jewelry while using hair dryer

  • Swimming in a chlorinated or salt water pool as well as the ocean

  • Leave your jewelry or keepsake in direct sunlight

  • Wear your jewelry while using hard chemicals

  • Leave your keepsake/jewelry in extreme temperatures for an extended period of  time