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Video of your Piece

Video of your Piece

This is an add on option to pieces that have been or are being order and can not be purchased itself. The video will be created using your piece and you have the ability to provide details on your piece if you would like that would also be included in the video.

By purchasing this you agree that this video can/may be used on our social media platforms.

Lives will be live streamed on one of our platforms (if you do not have tiktok, IG, or Facebook please let us know) and will last 20 minutes

Videos will range from 15-45 seconds and will be posted 2-3 weeks after completion of your piece to give you time to receive it. Videos also come with a 15 minute consultation to make sure we do the video like you envisioned.

This listing will be limited to 10 videos and lives a months, please select the month we received your inclusion.

Avoid Shipping Charge on Video:

Since you have already paid for shipping we do not expect for you to pay shipping for a non pysical piece. To avoid doing this on this listing *if you have a previous order you have already made* use Code: VideoShipping22. This is only for those who have a previous piece, if you use this code for a new order and have not paid shipping on your order you will be invoiced for shipping.