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The Milk Instructions

Welcome to the Tree of Hope Family

For a Breastmilk keepsake, we need 2-3 oz, for a mini creation we need 1-2oz and for Jewelry and Keychains we need .5 oz. If you have less than that we can create a piece with your milk to incorporate into your creation. For jewelry, we only need 1oz.  Any milk works; fresh, old or expired. Your milk just needs to be frozen prior to shipping to avoid spoilage and can be room temperature when it arrives.


Soon after you order you will receive a confirmation email which will include detailed shipping instructions and an address to mail your milk to. If directions are followed it will cost less than $6.00 to ship your milk. 


If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, contact us via the website and we will check the email address we have on file. 


Once we receive your milk, we will let you know and will start processing it to add to your creation. If we have not contacted you within 7 days please email or call us with the tracking number so that we can help you locate your order. *Please note we are not responsible for other businesses, such as USPS or other carriers.* We will email you pictures of your piece throughout the process!

Orders are completed in 12 weeks from when we receive the milk, but if you selected expedited it will be completed within 4 weeks from receiving your milk (option taken off during busy seasons). Know that these times may fluctuate based on the influx of orders. 

We are excited to put this together for you! Thank you for letting us be part of your journey.

The Stevens’

Image by Bench Accounting
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